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A must see CVLS Model Boat Show spectacular

  • Caister Lifeboats
  • 26 Apr 2016

A remote control model of the Caister Lifeboat is set to be the star attraction at a model boat and truck show next weekend!

An exhibition of more than 50 models will be on display - as well as several model lorries on Bank Holiday Monday.

It's thought the remote-controlled model of the Bernard Matthews II is the first and only one to be produced.

Alan Jones, the chairman of the Great Yarmouth Model Boat Club says it's taken hundreds of hours to build.

"It's been quite a challenge because there were no plans and I've had to drawn my plans from those used by the boatyard and measuring the real boat.

"I've had to take measurements, source different materials and there's nothing on the market in the modelling world to build one of these.

"This is the first time this design of boat has been built as a model in this country, and I'm going to take it round other parts of the country exhibiting it, and it should create a lot of interest."

Crewman Andrew Turner, who's organised the event, said it's great to have a working model of their all-weather lifeboat.

"We have a static model of the Bernard Matthews II, and there are remote-controlled models of the Valentijn Class lifeboats, but they're on the continent, where this kind of lifeboat is more widely used.

"As far as we know, this is the only working model of our kind of lifeboat, certainly the only one we know about in our colours."

Model boats on show include cargo vessels, warships and tall-ships - each taking hours to build with meticulous attention to detail.

A display area will be laid out for the model trucks to show them in motion.

The Caister Lifeboat Model Boat and Truck Show is open from 10am til 3.30pm on Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May.

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